Issue 16-17_Revisiting the Archive / Revisiter l’archive

Edited by / Sous la direction de Simone Venturini

Simone VetturiniIntroduction

Frank KesslerConcevoir une archive cinématographique autour de 1900

Klaas de ZwaanPre-Archival Practices. A Genealogy of the Film Archive in The Netherlands (1910-1919)

Malte HagenerInventing a Past, Imagining a Future. The Discovery and Institutionalisation of Film History in the 1930s

Malin WahlbergImages, Traces, and Narrative Imagination: Documentary Approaches to Archive Memory

Enrico TerroneLe Médium est l’archive

Michele GuerraDocumentality of Film

Irini StathiThe Film Archive, the Archive as Film

Ron MakleffWhat Is Our Historical a priori? The State as Common Sense and the Forgotten Municipal Archive

Dunja DogoThe Construction of a Political Memory in The Palace and the Fortress: Outlining the Use of the Archive in Making a Film on Populism in Post-Revolutionary Russia

Giuliana MuscioThe Archive and Its Silences

Valentina CuccaArchive/Missing. No(Body’s) Images? Reflections on Argentinian Dictatorship (1976-1983) and on Its Visual Recollection

Marion Froger, Djemaa MaazouziPratiques d’archive et mémoire de Pieds-noirs. Web, cinéma (et littérature)

New Studies

Abdelhamid MahfoudLe Cinéma comme espace épigraphique

Marco Grosoli, The Sin of Repetition

Sophie Einwächter, Parental Guidance Recommended? Narrative Functions and Cultural Implications of Bollywood’s Parent Figures

Francesco Pitassio, Popular Tradition, American Madness and Some Opera. Music and Songs in Italian Neo-Realist Cinema

Francesco Di Chiara, Intermediality in the 1950s Italian Film Industry: The Case of the Titanus’ Film-Canzone

Projects & Abstracts

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Vol. XI, No. 16-17, Spring/Fall 2011

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