Limina Award 2018_The Face on Film

The Limina Award for Best International Film Studies Book is awarded by the Editorial Board of Cinéma&Cie. International Film Studies Journal on the occasion of the FilmForum festival. The XVI Limina Award goes to Noa Steimatsky’s The Face on Film (Oxford University Press, 2017).

The study through which the author brilliantly leads us develops through a persuasive theoretical reflection, a series of precise reconstructions of historical contexts and a number of exemplary case studies, chosen from cinematographic modernity and postmodernity, exploring the topic of facial representation on film. Going from Antonioni to Bresson, from Hitchcock and Warhol to Roland Barthes’ considerations on the close ups of the stars, this book demonstrates how the filmic image manifests a desire of complete legibility and transparency towards the human face, while paradoxically covering it with ambiguity and opacity. While the face on screen conjugates an immediate spectacular impact with a surprising aura of ineffability and reticence, the author gives us instead a rich and articulate contribution to reconsider and deepen our comprehension of such an important theme. For these reasons, the Limina Award for Best international film studies book is assigned to Noa Steimatsky for The Face on Film.


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