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Beyond Cinema

Following the so-called “digital revolution”, dramatic transformations have affected the ways in which cinema is produced, consumed and perceived, to the extent that it seems to have gone “beyond” itself: beyond its very language and discourse; its traditional consumption practices and spaces; its position and function within the social (as well as the medial) sphere. As a consequence, during the last two decades, research in film studies has significantly widened its scope: the study of cinema has been re-articulated in several fields of inquiry and through a variety of methodological approaches and (inter)disciplinary perspectives, in an attempt to keep up with these most recent developments. This section aims therefore to function as a permanent observatory of this “beyondness”. Specifically, it provides a space to re-discuss the thresholds of the cinematic medium, as well as the boundaries of traditional film studies, by addressing a variety of under-investigated contexts and objects through innovative and unconventional approaches and references. We invite the submission of articles in English or French (max 4000 words), edited according to the journal’s style guidelines. Contributors are also asked to provide an abstract (300-500 words), 5 keywords, and a short biographical note (150 words). As a permanent call for essays of a biannual journal, Beyond Cinema presents two fixed deadlines for submission every year: articles submitted by March 30th will be considered for publication in the Spring issue; articles submitted by October 30th will be considered for publication in the Fall issue. Submissions should be sent to:

Projects & Abstracts

The “Projects & Abstracts” section includes international research programs and noteworthy Ph.D. thesis projects or abstracts recommended by supervisors. Ph.D. thesis can be both in progress (Project) or concluded (Abstract). Both Projects and Abstracts should include the name of the thesis supervisor (and in case, co-supervisor), but they should not include keywords. Abstracts should include the date of dissertation. All texts should be no longer than 6,000 characters (1,000-1,200 words). Submissions should be sent to:

Book Reviews

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