Issue 20_The Geopolitics of Cinema and the Study of Film


  • Preface
    Tim Bergfelder
  • Is cinema contagious? Transnationalism and the case of Korea
    Dudley Andrew
  • Traveling styles: or the challenge of approaching commercial Hindi cinema as world cinema
    Alexandra Schneider
  • De-locating “Independence:” the discourse on Southeast Asian Indipendent Cinema and its trajectories
    Nathalie Boheler
  • Transnational subjects in a multiple Europe: Auf der anderen Seite and Almanya: Wilkommen in Deutschland
    Ilaria De Pascalis
  • Peripheral realism: the regional and transnational dynamic of contemporary Brazilian cinema
    Angela Prysthon
  • Moving picture and people across the U.S.-Mexico Border: the critical reception of Sin nombre and The three burials of Melquiades Estrada
    Valerio Coladonato
  • Concept-cognitive mapping: third cinema as cartography of Global Capitalism
    Jakob Nilsson
  • The rhetoric and aesthetics of world cinema: film studies as a place for the “Persistence of Geography” in contemporary cinema
    Giorgio Avezzù
  • Luckàcs, précurseur d’une esthétique géopolitique? Le concept de totalité au service du cinéma postcolonial
    Delphine Wehrli


  • Extended cinema: the performative power of cinema in Installation practices
    Cosetta G. Saba
  • The Cinematic Performance of the Real: Aesthetics, New Realism and Cinema
    Luca Taddio