Issue 30_Reinventing Mao. Maoisms and National Cinemas

Edited by Marco Dalla Gassa, Corrado Neri and Federico Zecca

This special issue of Cinéma&Cie explores the cultural dynamics, ideological aporias and political struggles that characterize the relationship between Maoism and national cinemas, from the immediate aftermath of the Cultural Revolution to the present day. All the articles included in the special issue highlight the complexity of the process of translation and ‘reinvention’ of Maoism in different cultural contexts, focusing on subjects and historical episodes that have been suppressed in public debates and in traditional film history books.

Marco Dalla Gassa, Corrado Neri and Federico Zecca, Maoisms, National Cinemas, Transnational Perspectives: An Introduction

Man-tat Terence Leung, Struggling between Two Fronts: Godard, Dziga Vertov Group and the Ethical Predicaments of Post-1968 French Maoism

Stéphanie Benzaquen-Gautier, Ethnographies of the Khmer Rouge Revolution: Democratic Kampuchea in Movies (1975-1978)

Sanghita Sen, The Spring Thunder: Revisiting the Naxal Movement in Indian Cinema

Wendy Xie, What’s Chairman Mao Got to Do with It? Nostalgia, Intertextuality and Reconstructing Revolutionary Myth in Tsui Hark’s The Taking of Tiger Mountain by Strategy

Kristian Feigelson, Chinese Fictions in France and Shadows in China

Yomi Braester, We Have Never Been Chaste: Sexuality and Cinephilia in Post-Maoist Cinema


Pepita Hesselberth, Connect, Disconnect, Reconnect: Historicizing the Current Gesture towards Disconnectivity, from the Plug-in Drug to the Digital Detox