The Journal

Cinéma&Cie is an international, peer-reviewed academic journal. Published from 2001, it supports innovative perspectives and groundbreaking methodological approaches in the fields of film and media studies as well as screen cultures. Research areas include: the relationships between media history and media theory; the intersections between technological, industrial, and representational aspects; audiovisual heritage; reception and consumption; the relations between different forms of audiovisual narrative, art, and communication.

The journal is published twice a year, in Spring and Fall, and is structured in four sections:

Thematic issue: usually the largest section, devoted to a different, unique topic each time. This section only accepts submissions in response to specific calls for essays that are advertised via the journal website;
Beyond Cinema: a section focused on innovative perspectives on the transformations in the field of film studies. Submissions are accepted only in response to the permanent call for essays advertised on the website;
Projects & Abstracts: the section details international research and noteworthy Ph.D. thesis projects or abstracts, recommended by supervisors;
Reviews: the section consists of significant essays, festivals, exhibitions, conferences and related content.